Preparing Your Home for Sale


I  hope you will consider me for the marketing of your home.  You will get my commitment to getting results, a commitment that is backed by the superior resource of Houlihan Lawrence's enviable large agent, technology, and internet-advertising networks.  Give me a call or send me an email requesting a free market analysis. I can compare your house with others that have recently sold or that are currently on the market to give you an idea of what price you may want to ask and what your competition might be. My pledge is that I will always give you the facts and tell you the truth, while also illustrating how Houlihan Lawrence and I will market your property    .I always strive to give my clients professionalism and respect, ethical hard work, organization, clear and patient explanations, educated advice, superior transaction management, and instant turnaround.  I am an Associate Broker who works hard for my clients every day, and I invite you to view my current 2014 Results as well as my 2012-2013 Results for the challenging market years we have just had.  I hope you can see that I  deliver on what I promise! 


Selling a home is a major undertaking, where you must give yourself a substantial edge over your competitors.  It's important to remember that once you decide to sell, you have determined that "your home" will no longer be your home. Instead, it becomes a commodity, with features and assets that need to be shown in their best possible light.  Thus, you need to make the house as attractive to potential buyers as possible: price it well for the current market, make it easy to show, and de-personalize it as much as possible so that buyers can visualize living in it.


Consider the exterior -- is there a warm and inviting approach that makes a great first impression, both in person and on the Internet?  Now to the interior -- focus on room size and natural light.  De-clutter by doing some preliminary packing, especially personal and/or valuable items you don't use everyday.  Organize to help enlarge the feel of interior spaces and to highlight ample storage.  Pack up and store any fixtures, appliances and window treatments that you plan to exclude from the sale.  Replace heirlooms with suitable fixtures so as to avoid problems later.


Inspect rooms for defects that can easily be fixed or freshened.  If a faucet drips, have it fixed. Clean windows and carpets.  Lightening and brightening spaces with a fresh coat of paint can work wonders!  Once you've organized and de-cluttered, repaired and refreshed, make sure the house is as clean as possible on a regular basis.